Thank you and happy holidays

Greetings, gals and guys! Are you having fun during this Christmas season? Aureus here, the writer and developer of Tales From Windy Meadow.

I want to say “thank you” to all the kind people that follow our social media, share their criticism and compliments or express how much they would like to play our game. I’m not great at encouraging people to show their support, but your good will was so, so needed and I’m thankful for your time and attention. I'm grateful for all the minor and major encounters that we shared over the course of the development process.

Since the game can be bought, played and discussed, I can see that there is more to this interaction than I’m used to. By paying for the game and spending a couple of hours to interact with the story I created, you are showing your trust. You trust that we won’t waste your time. That we respect you and won’t scam you. That our game is what we claim it to be.

I believe I gave this project my best shot, my entire heart. And seeing that you’re willing to trust us makes me more humbled than I can describe. Please know that if there is ever going to be another game developed by Moral Anxiety Studio, I’ll do what I can to provide you the best experience possible. And I’ll do my best to not lose this trust.

Thank you and I wish you all happy holidays.

- Aureus

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