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Beautiful game! Glad I discovered this in the bundle :D

And I'm glad you've managed to find it! : ) Thanks a lot!

Nice work, nice title, nice graphics :)

Thanks! <3

You are the same guys of that prototype called the hunter, the adventurer, hunter's tale, or something like that? Because the game looks very similar aesthetically.

Hi, KinGabe! Unfortunately, we don't have anything to do with Hunter's Tale. It does look pretty interesting, though! I hope this project will be resurrected one day.

Hi, I really liked your gear, and I would like to use some scenarios (I would change and few that do not) in my game, if I buy this game from you, can I do that with images? and market my game normally?
regardless of your response, congratulations for your work.

I'm sorry, but it definitely wouldn't be cool with us. These graphics are a result of hundreds of hours of work of various people and while seeing some cool fanart or a small fan-made scene related to the game would be fun, we don't plan to make the game's resources Public Domain. At least for now.

I understand, more of all the work thank you very much, and congratulations again for the great work of you.


I'm thinking there are a lot of secrets in Windy Meadow. :)