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Aw man I was really enjoying Vena's story, I didn't get to see how it ended though! Is there a conclusion if I play the other chapters?


Hi! Yes, the fourth chapter concludes all the previous 3. I'm actually planning on reworking the entire game, updating the dialogue and so on. : ) But I'm glad you enjoyed this fragment!

Ohhh that's great!! I'll finish it then!!! I'm excited for the rework, that sounds awesome!! TY for taking the time to reply :)

is this still the demo version :O?

Hi there! While the demo is indeed available, the link to the full game should be displayed to everyone with an access to the full game.

awesome! thank you so much ^_^

A very down to earth visual novel with an incredibly beautiful animated pixel art style. It tells the story of 3 individual characters and the people around them. Its actually rather refreshing to read a visual novel that doesnt focus on crazy vampire fights or love interests, but instead explores very normal dilemmas and subtle drama surrounding these flawed and very relatable characters. The wording feels a bit off and its not particularly "exciting", but the game does a great job bring this world and its characters to life through real situations and a very believable world. If you are in the mood to listen a somber tale, Windy Meadow has a few to tell. 3,5/5

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i wrote a mini sorta review on this game here:

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, the mental health of all the people I know has suffered significant debuffs in this garbage year. I wish you a great holiday season and peaceful 2021.

Hi! Congrats! It's a very charming and immersive game! I can see all the love and attention you guys put during the development of this title :)

I'm so glad I manage to discover it the middle of so great games (Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality). Thanks!

I'm so glad you've had a good time! The game may not be a financial success, but I'm proud of it and it warms my heart when someone notices it. : ) I really appreciate that you've decided to share your impressions with us, and thank you so much for purchasing the bundle!

Beautiful game! Glad I discovered this in the bundle :D

And I'm glad you've managed to find it! : ) Thanks a lot!

Nice work, nice title, nice graphics :)

Thanks! <3

You are the same guys of that prototype called the hunter, the adventurer, hunter's tale, or something like that? Because the game looks very similar aesthetically.

Hi, KinGabe! Unfortunately, we don't have anything to do with Hunter's Tale. It does look pretty interesting, though! I hope this project will be resurrected one day.

Hi, I really liked your gear, and I would like to use some scenarios (I would change and few that do not) in my game, if I buy this game from you, can I do that with images? and market my game normally?
regardless of your response, congratulations for your work.

I'm sorry, but it definitely wouldn't be cool with us. These graphics are a result of hundreds of hours of work of various people and while seeing some cool fanart or a small fan-made scene related to the game would be fun, we don't plan to make the game's resources Public Domain. At least for now.


I understand, more of all the work thank you very much, and congratulations again for the great work of you.


I'm thinking there are a lot of secrets in Windy Meadow. :)